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Access Control & Biometrics


Access control is a key part of your physical security solution, and is your first line of defence against unauthorised entry. A well-designed system is essential to keep your staff, premises and business safe.


Best Practice Access Control


Aver Security designs, installs and maintains modern access control solutions. These range from single door entry set-ups to large enterprise-scale multi-zoned systems. They include best practice solutions, where the access control system is layered with CCTV surveillance, intruder detection and intercom systems. This integrated security approach gives you the best defence against intruders and other unauthorised individuals.

Latest Access Control and Door Entry Technology

At Aver Security, we keep up to date with advances in technology – and incorporate them into our solutions. So for example, we can include biometric readers, PIN pads, key card readers and other technologies into your system. Combining 2 or 3 authentication methods (e.g. retina scan plus key card) ensures that an unauthorised person can’t gain access by simply stealing or borrowing a key card.

Our Service

When you contact Aver Security, we’ll send an experienced security expert to survey your facilities and design a solution to meet your requirements. It’ll be bespoke, and could involve an upgrade or be a brand new system. It could also be integrated with your other security systems as outlined above.  And once we’ve designed the solution, we’ll install it and then maintain it.

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